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Product Description

JT-1000MINI  Overview
Power/Volume Adjusting
1.Turn the Power/Volume knob clockwise to turn the power on. When you turn
   it on, it will beep and you will hear the voice prompt of the current channel.
2.Press and hold the monitor button, then rotate Power/Volume knob to turn
   up and down the volume
Channel Knob
1.Rotate the channel knob to choose your desired channel
2.When you receive a signal, the speaker will make a sound.
1.Press and hold “PTT” switch of earphone, then speak into the
   microphone in normal speaking tone. Please keep the microphone
   3-4cm away from your lip. to make sure good communication
   with the receiver.

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1. 100 hours super long standby time
2. All colors can be made (we have Injection Department)
3. PC programmable
4. Channel scan
5. Time-out-timer (TOT)
6. Low power alarm
7. Wide/Narrow bandwidth
8. Squelch level adjustable
9. H/L output power selective
10. Voice prompt
12. Dual-watch operation
13. PTT-ID
14. DTMF function
15. 1750Hz call tone
16. Jacklight
17. Tail Tone Elimilation